Rayna smiling.

Welcome. I’m Rayna Templebee, a Witch, Seer, child of the Ocean Mother, and Priestess of the Old Ways. I like Craft names (I have many chosen names, lol) and this is the name I use for my spiritual Work. Drop me a line if you want to know more about why I think magickal names are significant.

This website has a few brief essays meant to help you get to know me better. They are just some ideas I put down in words, not the definitive statement on anything, but they describe my crooked path in the hope that it will help you along yours. I have been fortunate to have many spiritual teachers and guides, some of them accidental or unplanned…and a few spectacular formal mentors. Given how precious it can be to have a feeling that you are in community, that you are not alone in a world that says magick is make-believe, I want you know I am here and listening.

Maybe we met at a pagan festival—I attend quite a few and usually teach whatever magick is flowing through my life at the time. Perhaps you are a Seeker, looking for a teacher or your very own Hogwarts—I know that feeling, and I hope my stories will give you the inspiration to rock on with your beautiful Self. Maybe you don’t know why you found this page—that’s cool too, not everything can be known at all times.

Please enjoy, send comments or feedback if you like, and find me in person at my next teaching event. Blessed Be.