Rayna and Orion.
With Orion Foxwood, founder of the House of Brigh, 2017.

Ages ago some of my closest magickal friends began travelling north to attend a pagan festival held in an old Confederate era mansion. Later some of those same dear friends started a seven-year system of training with the Witch, Seer, and Conjure Man, Orion Foxwood, who they met at this mansion. At first, my naturally critical mind was suspicious of how much they loved this man, how they raved about the material he taught, and how enraptured they were with Faery Seership. Ten or so years ago I had the opportunity to begin the same system of training when Orion started a second group in Florida, and my journey into the charmed world of Faery Seership and the House of Brigh began.

As revealed to Orion through deep study of historic Celtic literature on the Fae, his upbringing in a conjure-using family, and contact with his faery wife, Brigh, Faery Seership is a means to work in fair partnership with the Green World. It is a series of techniques to bring you into closer alignment with an original agreement between red bloods (humanity) and green bloods (the plant world). That contract sets out a way to work together, in mutual partnership, for the betterment of the Earth and all its creatures. Faery Seership takes you deep in the ancestral Underworld and high into the celestial Upperworld. We spend a lot of time listening to plants and learning how to communicate with them. We dig deep into our ancestral lineage to heal trauma and redeem our lost or wandering beloved dead. We learn to remember the name of our faery companion, a spirit that walked by our side in earlier lifetimes when the contract I mentioned above was not so broken and when humans acknowledged the power of the Fae.

Woman making offerings on the ground.
Offerings to the land at Claymont Mansion, Shenandoah Valley, House of Brigh Convocation 2017.

These ten years have transformed all aspects of my life, not just my spiritual practices. I returned to gardening with the passion I had during childhood when my grandmothers had beautiful vegetable gardens and took long wildflower walks. I finally made it a magickal priority to satisfy my life-long dream of keeping bees in my backyard. I have pineapples, bananas, plantains, dragonfruit, loquat, and more growing in my suburban yarden and these trees are cherished friends. I am learning about the deep magick of permaculture. Many seers have bought land to reclaim as sacred, and tend it lovingly. In this Work, they follow in the path of Orion who worked with the Fae and plant Devas to reclaim land that had been strip-mined.

My sense of wonderment is profound when I am connected to the Greenworld—I find it everywhere, in the miracle of bananas growing on a tree, or the full moon rising from the sea, or the starlight that blankets me on a dark night. Many of us teach aspects of Faery Seership, but I highly recommend that you seek out Orion’s workshops and writing, if this Work calls to you. I travel five hours each way to attend this training and I would travel 50 hours if it were necessary—the right teacher is just that precious to me, and this Work is so important for the Earth and all its living creatures.