Florida Pagan Gathering

Customize your Ancestral Altar for Deeper Magick
1:00pm – 2:30pm ~ Dining Hall ~ Rayna Templebee

Many pagans have a dedicated space for honoring their beloved dead but this workshop will introduce the basics of how to create such a space and also offer suggestions on how your ancestor altar may evolve as your practice deepens. From the simplest beginnings to the full blown ‘family gathering’ at Samhain, in this workshop we will share our altarwork practices to create the bespoke altar that speaks directly to your beloved dead. We will discuss which ancestors to honor, how to incorporate color, scent, and sound into our altar creations and the all-important topic of food offerings. As part of the workshop, participants will be invited to contribute photos or mementos to the main FPG ancestor altar at the Grand Fireplace in the Dining Hall. (All Ages Welcome)